Distance Learning: Pros and Cons

distance-learningDistance learning through various online courses has ushered a new dispensation in the education sector across the board. Students can choose their preferred degree programs online and they can also study them using the same platform. However, while this sounds too good to believe, it can be noted that there are certain pros and cons to online learning.

Pros of Online Learning

The main benefit of online learning is that it is convenient. For example, one can go to work while studying online at the same time. This is advantageous in that he student is in a better position to pay for their learning fees instead of relying on sponsorship or looking up to their parents or guardians for funding their education. Students can also balance their social, professional and study needs since online learning is obviously flexible. These people studying online can schedule various activities in their lives in the most appropriate way and still manage to attain their educational goals. The other big plus of distance learning is that it helps create a free learning environment without any fears of barriers such as discrimination (it does happen), student-tutor relationships which may be strained in a setup where they are in close proximity or even problems for those students that have an impairment such as deafness.

Cons of Online Learning

In terms of knowledge acquisition and skills development, a person studying full time and attending lectures in a university is way ahead of the one studying online. The aformentioned tutor-student interaction is very important since feedback can be easily exchanged between the two parties involved. The other issue is that some online degree programs are not very strong compared to the ones offered on full time basis in conventional universities. There are also bogus institutions that are bent of reaping money from unsuspecting people while posing as established online universities: therefore the possibility of following a course online must be researched thoroughly.